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Lee's Jr. WishBone Outrigger Holders

Lee's Jr. WishBone Outrigger Holders

The Original Wishbone Style Outrigger Holder has been in production for over 45 years. Setting the standard for the industry, our "Junior" outrigger holder has often been imitated, but never equaled. Its ease of operation, adjustable fishing angle, ability to lay down for bridges and small footprint makes it the ideal holder for a multitude of boats. Durability was the watchword at its conception. You won't find plastic parts in this holder. Constructed of heavy duty brass forgings, heavy wall brass pipe and a stainless steel main tube, it epitomizes strength and reliability. The three point mounting system provides maximum strength and distributes the stress to the mounting surface over a wide area. This holder can be mounted vertically or angled toward the stern. Somewhere between twenty to thirty five degrees is normal.

Our "Junior" design is available in two sizes, the 2" x 18" Main Tube (OH226S) and the 2" x 36" (OH234S). Model OH226S is for use with our deluxe 19ft. single spreader poles and non-spreader poles up to 22ft. For double spreader poles longer then 20ft. we recommend the OH234S. To deploy the rigger into the fishing position, simply open the locking gate and loosen the clamp housing. The clamp housing then slides down the main tube until you either lock it or it meets the stop collar for a preset fishing position. To lower the unit for passing under bridges, the locking gate stays closed and the clamp remains locked to the top of the main tube. The eye bolt is removed, thus separating the clamp housing from the wishbone. The main tube is then lowered into the supplied lay down hook.

The Tubes have a 2" O.D. or 1-7/8" I.D. For those using poles you already have.

Please Note Price Includes NEW F.E.T. Tax the government is imposing. is included in price, which adds about $95 to order cost.

These Poles are Compatible with the Wishbone Holders:

AP3516XS - 16' Extra Strong, Bright Silver Finish - $848.47

AP3519 - 18.5' Bright Silver Finish - $911.71

AP3519XS - 19' Extra Strong, Bright Silver Finish - $1069.81

AP3522 - 22' Bright Silver Finish - $1133.05

F.E.T. TAX For Mounts 2 x 18"- $91.53

F.E.T. TAX For Mounts 2 x 36"- $107.73

$1,750.00 $1,695.00