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UV Protected PVC Liner

UV Protected PVC Liner

Replacement Vinyl Rubber Inserts

Available for all sizes of Rod Holders

Liner is UV Protected PVC

Medium Insert - Fits Rod Holders w/ 2" O.D. x 9"

0º - RH511 Fits:RH527V, RH527VS, RH5329V, RH527VS/XS, RH5112, RH552CB, RH552XL

15º - RH528 Fits:RH529H, RH529HS, RH5329H, RH529HS/XS

30º - RH526 Fits:RH525, RH525SS, RH5325, RH525SS/XS

Heavy Insert - Fits Rod Holders w/ 2 1/4" O.D. x 10.5"

0º RH511 Fits: RH532V, RH532VS, RH5332V, RH532VS/XS, CH110, RH5115
15º RH535 Fits: RH534H, RH34HS, RH5334H, RH534HS/XS, RH579H

30º RH531 Fits: RH530, RH530SS, RH5330, RH530SS/XS, RH575

Extra Long Insert

Fits Holders With 2 1/4" O.D.

0º RH5016-1066 Fits: RH577XL, RH570XL

15º RH5035-1066 Fits: RH579XL

30º RH5031-1066 Fits: RH575XL

$16.95 $11.99