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Stainless Steel Rigged Double Hook Sets

Stainless Steel Rigged Double Hook Sets

Anyone who has rigged lures with cable knows what a pain in the Okole it is, from frayed ends to strands that just dont want to go thru the crimps, &  many poked fingers, so we have made these Super Strong Double Hook Sets to make rigging your lures Alot Easier.
These Stainless Steel Rigged Double Hook Sets use 540 lb. Stainless Cable

Stainless Steel Sea Demon Open Gape Hooks 8/0-12/0 size

All Hook Points are Ground so they have a sharp tip - Ready to use 

Catch the biggest of fish with Confidence.
All Connections are Double Crimped with Double Barrel Crimps.

Cable and Crimps are Covered in Glue Filled Heat Shrink

8/0 sized to fit 7" Lures

9-10/0 size to fit 9" Lures

11-12/0 sized to fit 12" Lures

Other size hooks or custom length's can be ordered by request. call 808-345-5415 to have other sizes/length's custom made.
as i have time i will be adding other sizes. as well as hook sets rigged in mono.
Please Note: When all the bare wire sets are sold, we will use Coated Sevalon Wire for all new rigged hooksets instead of bare wire, as it lasts longer and doesnt fray or poke your fingers like bare stainless cable does.

$20.95 $18.00