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SIMRAD NSX FishFinder/Chartplotter/G.P.S.

SIMRAD NSX FishFinder/Chartplotter/G.P.S.

SIMRAD NSX FishFinder/Chartplotter/G.P.S.

Take your experience to a whole new level!

With an innovative, modern interface featuring powerful navigation capability with C-MAP® support, you’ll see everything like never before. The NSXTM features integrated Sonar, full Radar and Autopilot systems compatibility, and with our handy Setup Wizard tool you’ll be up and running in no time. All you need to do now is choose your next adventure.


NSXTM pairs a clean and straight forward interface with high-definition visuals to deliver a whole new experience.

 Easily access and use all NSXTM features, including smart drag-and-drop screen customisation, fully editable instruments bar and enhanced day and night modes. Get crystal clear views of chart detail, structure and bottom contours with the vibrant SolarMAXTM IPS touchscreen - viewable from any angle, in direct sunlight, and through polarised lenses.

Modern simplicity in an interface

Making it easier to access and use all of the NSXTM features.

Viewable from every angle

Get crystal clear views of chart details in direct sunlight and even through polarized lenses.

Fully editable and customizable

Smart drag-and-drop screen customization and fully editable instruments bar.

Enhanced day and night modes

Be ready to go in all weather and lighting conditions.

Powerful C-MAP® navigation capability

C-MAP® DISCOVERTM X and REVEALTM X marine-optimised charts feature a fresh, intuitive chart presentation and the latest updates.

 C-MAP® charts include full-featured Vector Charts with Custom Depth Shading and High Resolution Bathymetry showing accurate contour lines down to a 1-foot level of detail.

 Improve planning and route plotting with Tides and Currents projections and our fastest ever Autorouting. Plus, there’s a new Map Inspection feature with one-touch access to information on locations, POIs, tides, channels and more.


Next-generation charts featuring a fresh, intuitive chart presentation and daily updates.

Integrated with the Simrad® Companion App

Plan trips, review Tracks and plot Waypoints, and sync directly to your NSXTM.

High Resolution Bathymetry

Showing accurate contour lines down to a 1-foot level of detail.

Our fastest ever Autorouting

Automatically determines the best route to reach a destination.

Full Sonar, Radar & Autopilot Suit

CHIRP sonar, DownScan Imaging™ and SideScan

Get high resolution images below and to the sides of your vessel. ​


Blends the best data from Chirp and DownScan imagery, eliminating the need for split-screen viewing and interpretation.

See near and far simultaneously​

Highlight targets in specific environments using custom modes such as bird, offshore, weather and harbor.

Stay on course

Navigate to waypoints and run patterns and routes with ease.

Easy-to-use Setup Wizard

With everything from a Setup Wizard to Simrad® App integration, you’ll be up and running in no time.

 The Setup Wizard helps with step-by-step instructions to get you up and running quickly, while the Simrad® App offers a whole host of added extras. These include hassle-free software updates, on and off the water trip planning, a streamlined chart display that looks the same across all platforms, plus easy transfer of all data, including routes and waypoints.

Simple device setup

Featuring easy-to-understand prompts and settings adjustments for each step of the process.

Get your system up and running in no time

Engine and tank setup, Autopilot optimisation, Radar dockside and on the water calibration, and much more.

 Other cool things you can do with NSX

Switch applications instantly via the Activity Bar

Fast and easy switching between applications at the touch of a button. Accessible via the always visible Activity Bar - no need to go back to the Home screen.

Change chart settings in a blink

All chart settings (including advanced features) are accessible at the touch of a button directly from the chart screen.

Access full screen mode in one touch

Expand to full screen view at the touch of a button from any split screen activity.

Access more detail as and when you require it

Map inspection - Selecting an object on a chart eg a marina or a marker buoy, gives you access to more information about it eg. detailed description, opening hours, amenities and more.

Instant chart orientation

A chart orientation button allows you to instantly change between north up, heading up and course up.

Easily manage all waypoints and routes

Waypoints and Route App allows the management of all waypoints and routes. Sort by location and filter in different ways eg. recents, alphabetically etc and export single or multiple waypoints.

Innovative display sizes

Get more screen for the overall size of your product and more flexibility to arrange your dash layout - multiple screen configurations in a smaller space or larger screens in an existing area.



Identify hazards with HALO® pulse compression radars, stay on course with Autopilot systems and experience a range of integrated Sonar.

 Get high-resolution images 300 feet below and 300 feet to the sides of your vessel with Active ImagingTM 3-in-1, featuring all your sonar - CHIRP, DownScan ImagingTM and SideScan - from a single transducer. For superior clarity and the highest resolution images at a longer range than any other structure imaging technology.

 FishRevealTM Smart Target View provides even easier target identification with clearly defined fish arches. You can even search greater depths with a wide range of compatible 1kW transducers.

CHIRP sonar, DownScan Imaging™ and SideScan

Get high resolution images below and to the sides of your vessel.

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