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GPS/VHF Antenna Rail Mount Nylon Adj. Ratchet

GPS/VHF Antenna Rail Mount Nylon Adj. Ratchet

Glomex GPS/VHF Antenna Rail Mount with Adjustable Ratchet to Raise/Lower Antenna

Made of Nylon

Rail Mount

Can be Mounted Vertical or Horizontal

Ratchet with Handle

 Nylon Rail Mount For 7/8″ TO 1″ Railing – with cable slot for easy routing of RG-8X & RG-58 Coax Cables and GPS antenna wires. UV resistant reinforced nylon rail swivel mount, design with handle locking. 

Built-in coax cable feed-thru.

Easy installation on vertical or horizontal rails from 7/8” (22 mm) to 1” (25 mm).

Standard 1”x14 thread.

Please ask if you have any questions

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$66.50 $59.30