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R99 2kw CA50/200TID-R99 Urethane Thru Hull

R99 2kw CA50/200TID-R99 Urethane Thru Hull

The R99 is our high-performance external-mount transducer. The large, narrow beam, 200 kHz, element gives incredible target detail and allows fishermen to discriminate between a single fish target and bait at any depth range. The 50 kHz array provides unparalleled deep-water performance and precise image detail especially suited for fishing shelves, intricate bottom structures, and wrecks. The Benchmark
A 2,000 Watt Powerhouse packed with an array of (15) 50 kHz elements.
And its 200 kHz, Broadband ceramic is a huge 88 mm (3.5”). With such a large active area, the R99’s concentrated sound beams have four times the sensitivity of a 1 kW transducer. And the R99’s streamlined shape maintains noise-free accurate readings at speeds over 30 knots (34 MPH).
With its new exposed high-precision temperature sensor.
9×17/6 degree Beam Angles, Urethane Thru-Hull with Temperature. 10 Meter Cable
(R99-10F) Fits Furuno units with 10-Pin connector, Depth and temperature.
(R99-FUR) Also available with No connector. Fits Furuno dual line units (FCV-295, 1100, 1200 ECT.)

$2,900.00 $2,200.00