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Saturn - Plunger Blue/Blue

Saturn - Plunger Blue/Blue

Custom Made Blue Dragon Hide Bahama Lures SATURN With X-Large White Eyes. A straight classic plunger style lure, it pulls straight and true. Easy to catch by any size fish its difficult to go wrong with this one. It can be pulled from the riggers or off the transom down low, doesn’t matter, it will pull a strong smoke trail and the fish will find it easily. Very large slammer Mahi mahi are often caught on this one! as well as just about every other Pelagic. Proven On Big Marlin,Tuna, Mahi and Ono

Double Skirted with Thick, No Eye, O.L.C. Skirts with a Blue/Silver with Red Stripe Outer, Over a Hot Pink Inner Skirt.

Proven Combination. Size 70 is what's Pictured. This size is proven to raise alot of Blue Marlin over 600lb's.

Available in Size 30 – 10″, Size 50 – 13″, Size 60 – 15″, Size 70 – 17″ and the mighty Size 80 at 20″

Minimum line recommendation to rig – 150#

size 30 - $ 42.00

size 50 - $57.00

size 60 - $72.00

size 70 - $82.00

size 80 - $102.00

size 80+ Teaser - $175.00

$60.00 $42.99