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Pitbull Tackle Hook File/Sharpener

Pitbull Tackle Hook File/Sharpener

Pitbull Tackle Hook File (Diamond Grit)

- Keeping your Hooks Sharp when you Need It -

Every angler wants to fish with sharp hooks. We want you to as well. The Pitbull Tackle Hook File is the tool you need to always have razor-sharp hook points all day long. This tool features a diamond grit sharpening surface on both sides of the file as well as a grooved side to allow for sharpening the bottom side of the hook points. Simply grind your bent/rolled hook points along the file and within seconds your hook point will look like new. Not only is it cost effective but it is much quicker than switching out for new hooks all day long. This file offers an oversized non-slip grip handle to keep the file firmly placed in your hand and also has a built-in lanyard attachment.

$16.50 $10.50