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Pitbull Mono/Braid Cutter

Pitbull Mono/Braid Cutter

Pitbull Tackle Braided Line Cutters
This cutter is the last braided line cutter you will ever need, period. Meticulously designed and tested for surgical precision, these braided line cutters are the most exact and efficient cutters on the market. The serrated edge design was created to slice through braid effortlessly, keeping a clean edge on each cut. Many anglers see any regular pair of line cutting scissors and assume they'll do just fine, but that's not the case. The line slips, frays or bends, and to help counteract this, the user must put tension on both sides of the line. Even then, the cut oftentimes is not precise and does not have a clean edge. The Pitbull Tackle Braided Line Cutter requires NO line tension while cutting the braid, and will cut completely through leaving NO frays or uneven strands. With these braided line cutters you'll be able to produce smooth connections to leaders, swivels, split rings, hooks, lures etc.

These cutters go thru 500 lb. jerry brown hollow core like melted butter

  • Designed specifically for braided line
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Comfortable, secure grips
  • Hinged closure
  • Fit in pocket
  • Cut any strength of braided line
  • NOT designed for any other type of fishing line or wire leaders

$28.00 $18.00