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6. Pink 9" Koya Bullet

6. Pink 9" Koya Bullet

Brand New Hot Pink 9" Koya Bullet, Double skirted w/ 2 new O.L.C. Thick Skirts

Hot/Milky Pink Outer w/ Orange/White/Yellow Inner Skirt.

Proven color combo

i use this lure alot.

and has proven to catch Ono, Mahi, several types of Ahi, Shortbill Spearfish,

Sailfish, Blue Marlin and Rainbow Runners.

Only 1 left get it while you can.

Available Rigged or Un-Rigged.

Rigging includes 15' of 300lb. Lingren Pitman Mono Leader, All connections double crimped.

w/ single 10/0 stiff rig w/5 layer glue filled heat shrink build up

or our exclusive Back2Back 9/0 Hookset w/ 5Layer Glue Filled heat shrink build up for $20.

which allows our lures to withstand dozens of strikes before you have to cut back and re-rig.

$75.00 $60.00