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Morris 7" Red/Mother of Pearl

Morris 7" Red/Mother of Pearl

New Morris 7" Red and Mother of Pearl, Multi Colored Shell Bullet 

These small bullets are packed with lead to run well in a variety of sea conditions

The 7" Size Catches has caught every type of Pelagic fish here in Hawaii

Mainly used for Tuna & Mahi,

its Proven deadly on Sailfish, Striped Marlin

and we have caught several small black marlin on this too.

Price is for Head

Available Double skirted with 2 O.L.C. TT Skirts - $12

You Can Pick The Colors (see skirt chart under lure section)

Available Fully Rigged for $15 more,

Which includes 15' of Lindgren Pitman 250lb. Leader

& choice of 8/0 or 9/0 Stainless Steel Sea Demon Hook

Stiff Rigged w/5 Layers of the Glue Filled Ancor Heat Shrink

which allows dozens of strikes before having to re-rig.

$48.00 $40.00