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MFD8 8" FishFinder/G.P.S./Chartplotter/Radar Display

MFD8 8" FishFinder/G.P.S./Chartplotter/Radar Display

8.4" Display with Pre-Loaded 3D N.O.A.A. Raster Charts

The Furuno NavNet 3D MFD8 Navigation Display takes Marine Navigation to a whole new level. With Pre-loaded 3D maps and the option of adding digital radar, digital sonar and satellite weather, the NavNet 3D System will help you navigate from your home port to any fishing or cruising destination. The NavNet 3D is built on an Ethernet Network which allows you to add or remove as many NavNet options as you would like. The Display on the MFD8 could not be any more impressive, measuring 8.4” diagonally with a 640x480 resolution.

Furuno is going all digital, and that includes their radars. With the NavNet 3D you can choose to add Radar by simply purchasing one of the many that are available. They range from a 19”, 2.2kw radome all the way up to a 6’, 25kw Open Array Radar. The Digital Radars offer (UHD) Ultra High Definition for crystal clear target presentation and Furuno’s dual-range radar scanning for display of two separate ranges simultaneously on one display. The PSU012 is required when adding a DRS4A, DRS6A, or DRS12A to a NavNet 3D MFD 8 display and when adding DRS12A to a NavNet 3D MFD 12.

Unit Size: 7.5”H x 12.1”W x 4.6”D
Display Size: 8.4” Diagonal

$2,395.00 $1,850.00