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Marlin Magic Baby Blue 9" 8 oz. Quad Jet Bullet

Marlin Magic Baby Blue 9" 8 oz. Quad Jet Bullet

Used Old School Marlin Magic Baby Blue 9" 8 oz. Quad Jet Bullet  w/Dark Red Eyes - Only 1 Left !

These original older heads are much nicer than newer ones,and are Highly Prized Big Ahi and Marlin Lures

Color Flashing Foil Inserts cover the head,and give it a unique multi colored flash when the sun hits it,

Really stands out & gets noticed by the boys down under..

Proven performer and multiple tournament winner

Lure a straight runner, that Dives Up and Down

and makes nice splash when it hits the surface, before diving back down with a huge bubble trail from the quad jets

perfect off the long riggers and shotgun

Enticing Strikes from just about everything.

Marlin Magic Lures are all Hand made one at a time by Gary Eoff

and have a Worldwide following for a good reason

These Lures Catch fish.

Lure is Fully Rigged with Double Stainless Steel  Mustad 7791 Sea Demon Hooks on 400lb. Momoi Leader

Double Skirted with 2 Thick No eye, Yamashita Skirts - which are still usable but do have a few bite marks and a small tear near head

in the Blue metallic Outer Skirt, Gold/Rootbeer Metallic color Inner Skirt 

a well proven color combo

Head does have a small crack from a 840lb. Blue Marlin, We sealed it w/epoxy, so it wont spread or get worse, certainly wont affect performance

 We have caught alot of fish on this Lure as you can see by the head which is covered in bite marks from the hundeds of fish we have caught with it over the years. 

Have Caught Ahi, Mahi, Ono, Rainbow Runner, Shortbill Spearfish, Sailfish and Blue and Black Marlin

Proven performer, there's a reason why Marlin magic Lures are so Popular

Fully Rigged w/15' of 400lb. Momoi Mono Leader

With Dual 11/0 Mustad Stainless Steel 7791 Sea Demon Hooks

A Proven Hard to Find Model.

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