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Manual Adjustable Antenna Mount

Manual Adjustable Antenna Mount

Tigress Manual Adjustable Antenna Mount

This Mount allows you to raise and lower your long vhf or other antenna's from inside your cab or T Top on center console boats.

Now you dont have to climb out over your gunnel to raise or lower your antenna's

making it much safer, and you never need to leave the wheel area allowing you to maintain control of your vessel.

Features a bottom mounted crank assembly for ease of deployment fore and aft.
• Simply push up on the handle to release the gears and turn 12 times to complete deployment of your antenna.
• Then simply pull handle down to lock into place.
• Adjustable up or down motion eliminates climbing the gunnel to adjust your antenna.
• Fits all prepared t-tops with 3” Mounting Hole. Fits Hard tops up to 2 1/2” thick.

$599.00 $514.99