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Koya 9" Black Quad Jet Bullet

Koya 9" Black Quad Jet Bullet

Koya Lures Green 9" Slant Face Plunger w/Bright Red Eyes - Only 1 Left !

The Red Eyes puts out a bright flash of color when the sun hits it.

Really stands out & gets noticed.

Koya Lures are all Hand made one at a time by master lure maker Eric "Koya" Koyanagi

an have a Worldwide following for a good reason

These Lures Catch fish.

Available as Head Only as Shown or

Double Skirted with 2 Thick No eye, O.L.C. Skirts

in the Baby yellowfin outer over a Lumo green/yellow w/red stripe inner

a proven color combo that glows underwater with the U.V. Pigments in the Skirts

 We have caught lot of fish on this Head shape/size/color

Ahi, Mahi, Ono, Rainbow Runner, Shortbill spearfish, Sailfish and Blue and Black Marlin

Proven performer, there's a reason why Koya Lures are so Popular

Available skirted & rigged or just head alone.

Rigging includes 15' of 300lb. Lindgren Pitman Mono Leader

All connections Double crimped

Available w/single 10/0 or 11/0 stiff rig w/5 layer glue filled heat shrink build up $20

or custom Back2Back 10/0 Stiff Rig - When Ono/Ahi bite this hookset,

they usually get one hook in the upper jaw and one in the lower

w/5 layer glue filled heat shrink build up $22

which allows the lure to withstand dozens of strikes before you have to cut back and re-rig

which saves you time and money

and prevents your prized lures from being lost by the Toothy Gang.

$75.00 $60.00