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Koya 9" Flashing Cup Face Lure

Koya 9" Flashing Cup Face Lure

Koya Lures Flashing 9" Cup Face Lure w/Bright Red Eyes - Only 1 Left !

The Red Eyes and Multi Colored Metallic Flakes

puts out a bright flash of multiple colors when the sun hits it.

Really stands out & gets noticed.

The Cup Face and Tapered sides give this Head a nice side to side wiggle as it swims

and the cup face holds the water so the lure wont skip across the surface

Enticing Strikes from just about everything.

Koya Lures are all Hand made one at a time by master lure maker Eric "Koya" Koyanagi

an have a Worldwide following for a good reason

These Lures Catch fish.

Available as Head Only as Shown or

Double Skirted with 2 Thick No eye, O.L.C. Skirts

in the Blue/silver/pink colors (Blue Mackeral)

a proven color combo that glows underwater with the U.V. Pigments in the Skirts

 We have caught lot of fish on this Head shape/size/color

Ahi, Mahi, Ono, Rainbow Runner, Shortbill spearfish, Sailfish and Blue and Black Marlin

Proven performer, there's a reason why Koya Lures are so Popular

Available skirted & rigged or just head alone.

Rigging includes 15' of 300lb. Lindgren Pitman Mono Leader

All connections Double crimped

Available w/single 10/0 or 11/0 stiff rig w/5 layer glue filled heat shrink build up $20

or custom Back2Back 10/0 Stiff Rig - When Ono/Ahi bite this hookset,

they usually get one hook in the upper jaw and one in the lower

w/5 layer glue filled heat shrink build up $22

which allows the lure to withstand dozens of strikes before you have to cut back and re-rig

which saves you time and money

and prevents your prized lures from being lost by the Toothy Gang.

$65.00 $55.00