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Joe Yee Blue Ice 7" Plunger

Joe Yee Blue Ice 7" Plunger

Joe Yee Labeled Ice Blue 7" "Peanut" Plunger

Double skirted with 2 Yamashita 5" Blue/Pink skirts, but uses 7" Skirts

we rig it w/ smaller 5" skirts when the smaller ahi are around.

This 7" Plunger Catches just about everything.

Mahi, Ahi, Spearfish, Sailfish, Blue Marlin, Ono, Rainbow Runners, Ulua, Kahala etc.

we have caught all of these and more on this head. just about everything other than a black marlin

on this Head. a real proven performer. and very hard lure to find.

Only 1 available get it before its gone. 

Available Rigged or Un-Rigged

Rigged lure will include 15' of 250lb. Lindgren Pitman Mono Leader

and 5 Layer Glue filled heat shrink buildup w/ stiff rigged 3x strong 9/0 Sea Demon Open Gape

Stainless Steel Hook which can withstand dozens of strikes before having to cut back and re-rig.

$200.00 $175.00