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Guam Synergy - Plunger

Guam Synergy - Plunger

Guam Synergy


The Guam Synergy is a scaled down version of our Honolulu style plungers. It is especially deadly for yellowfin tuna and dorado.  A great pick if you want a reliable versatile lure in your spread that will appeal to all pelagic species. The Synergy series can be trolled in all positions, and in most conditions up to 10 knots.  The LibraTech(TM) LCM insert allows the Guam Synergy to swim with a predictable steady pattern while throwing a nice even smoke trail.   All species succumb to the enticing slash of the Synergy.

  • Conditions: Calm to Moderate/Heavy
  • Position: Any...particularly the Short Corner, and Long Corner.
  • Skirt Size: S3
  • Weight: 3.5 OZ
  • Diameter: 1.1"
  • Head Length: 2.0"
  • Overall Length: 9.5"
  • Recommended Hook Size: 8/0, 9/0
  • Recommended Leader:  200-300 Lb.

Santos Premium Skirted Trolling Lures

Santos offshore big game trolling lures are hand cast from premium urethane which does not require sanding after demolding, and therefore ensures that every lure is identical to the precision engineered prototype.  Unlike most trolling lures which are made of polyester resins, urethane lures are optically clear, ultra hard, UV stable, and can be produced with perfect design proportions. Additionally, each lure is heat cured for the ultimate in durability. 

We use only the finest AAA grade abalone shell veneers, soft PVC anti-chafe leader tubes, and custom made Santos Holographic eyes for our lures. 

Each lure tailstock is precision CAD designed to perfectly fit our double hand tied skirts, and to make an ideal hydrodynamic transition. Tied skirts allow for easy replacement compared to glued skirts. 

Each Santos trolling lure features our proprietary LibraTech(TM) LCM (Low Center of Mass) insert technology that insures that the lure stays upright, and is able to achieve significantly higher trolling speeds. With an upright lure, hookset position and orientation within the skirts are further maintained by our Santos RigLock(TM) system which is a standard feature of all of our big game lures. 

Santos bluewater trolling lures features supple, vibrant, and durable skirts made in the USA by Ocean Lure Concepts.  There are no finer skirts available.

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