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E-Series Dual Circuit Plus Battery Switch 5511E

E-Series Dual Circuit Plus Battery Switch 5511E

Blue Sea Systems e-Series Dual Circuit Plus switches isolate your Start and House battery circuits,preventing accidental discharge of the starting bank and protecting your electronics from engine starting sags and spikes. Ideal when combined with an Automatic Charging Relay, which will automate charging while the Dual Circuit Plus will simplify the switching. In an emergency, this switch allows you to combine two battery banks in the ON position. The combine feature allows you to cross-connect your battery banks to start the engine or make a radio call.

Capable of 350 Amperes continuous rating per circuit, these switches have a total current-carrying capacity of 1000 Amperes. And, because they are UL Listed, you can be confident that they safely handle these high amperage's. Ignition-protected, safe for use aboard gas-powered boats, and meets  ABYC battery switch standards. Long 7/8" studs accept up to 4/0 cables. Because these studs are cast into the body of the switch, they will accept the high torque loads required to create a secure connection that minimizes resistance. Case design allows surface or rear panel mounting and fits all Perko and Guest low amperage battery switch hole patterns. Tactile textures on the face for knob position awareness by feel only.

Key Features

  • Provides simplified simultaneous switching of two battery banks while maintaining their separation
  • Provides an emergency combine feature to draw power from both batteries for starting or radio calls
  • Compact design makes installation in tight places easy
  • Multiple mounting options; can be installed on the surface or rear of the panel
  • Ignition protected and can be mounted in the engine room of gasoline powered boats
  • Tin plated copper studs on the battery switch provide maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • One Piece Copper studs are 7/8”long and accept multiple cables
  • Tactile textures on face let operate the switch in low or no light
  • Compatible hole pattern and face diameter with Perko and Guest low –amperage battery switches
  • Included snap-out isolator covers and labels included
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Switch Type: Dual circuit plus
  • Switch Positions: 3
  • Battery Combine: Yes
  • Alternator Field Disconnect: no
  • Maximum Voltage: 32V
  • Continuous Rating: 350A
  • Intermittent Rating (duration): 525A (5min)
  • Cranking Rating (30Sec): 700A
  • Battery Inputs: 2
  • Cable Size to meet ratings: 4/0 AWG
  • Mounting Holes: # ¼"
  • Terminal Stud size: 3/8"
  • Dimensions: 3 5/8"dia x 2 5/8" D
  • Weight: 3 Lb. (estimated)
  • Approvals: ABYC, UL 1107, UL 1500 and SAE J1171
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