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1. Rootbeer Bronze DragonHide Bullet

1. Rootbeer Bronze DragonHide Bullet

Custom Rootbeer Bullet Lure with Bronze DragonHide Dichro Inserts

With Hand Laid Gold Leaf Eyes with Flashing Red Or Green Eye Rings.

These Rootbeer Colored Lures are one of our best Ono or Wahoo Lures

 and they Catch just about every other Pelagic Fish as well,

Deadly on Ahi, Mahi Mahi, Rainbow Runner, Spearfish and we catch Plenty Marlins on these too.

Comes Double Skirted with 2 Thick, No eye, Premium TT O.L.C. Skirts.

These skirts Have No Bulge behind the head, follows the profile of the head perfectly

 so the skirts don't impart wobble or spin into the lure while Trolling.

All Bahama/ReelHooked Lures have Rubber Stoppers epoxied to the back of the Lure,

so you can Orient your Hook in the Upright Position,

to get those stronger Upper jaw Hook-ups

and when Using the Back2Back Hooset, you typically get one hook upper jaw,

One in the Lower, if oriented up and down using the rubber stopper

Our Custom Hook sets are Built up with 5 Layers of Ancor Glue filled Heat Shrink

Which enables them to withstand dozens of strikes before having to be re-rerigged.

Include 15' of 300lb. Lindgren Pitman Leader,

3x Stainless Steel Sea Demon Open Gape Hooks

With single 10/0 Stiff rig 

Or Back2Back custom stiff rig in 9/0 or 10/0 size

$65.00 $55.00