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C-Map MAX-N NA-N024 - US West Coast & Hawaii

C-Map MAX-N NA-N024 - US West Coast & Hawaii

Max-N Wide Cartography f/Lowrance, Simrad Yachting & B&G Chartplotters and Multifunction Displays

MAX-N Wide provides additional C-MAP features such as harbor, detailed marina charts and coverage of inland rivers and lakes. When you choose C-MAP you get the best charts, using the most reliable sources around the globe, from a company committed to safe navigation.

C-MAP MAX-N NA-N024 - US West Coast & Hawaii Coverage:

Coverage of the Pacific Coast of the United States, including all of the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington.

Coverage of Baja California and Mexico down to Puerto Vallarta. Detail of the Columbia River, Sacramento River, Willamette River.

Snake River and San Joaquin Rivers are also included.

Full coverage of Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands up to Point Roberts is also included.

Additional coverage of the Hawaiian Islands out to Midway and Johnston Atoll is also included.

Max-N WIDE Feature List

  • Anchorage Areas
  • International and National Boundaries
  • Anchorage Prohibited
  • Military Practice areas
  • Bottom Type
  • Official up-to-date Chart sources
  • Boundaries (fairways, channels, dredged areas, swept areas)
  • Restricted, Caution, Fishing and Prohibited areas including Marine Protected Areas
  • Bridges, overhead pipelines and cables with horizontal and vertical clearances
  • Rocks
  • Caution Notes
  • Spot Soundings
  • Coast & Drying Line
  • Submarine Cables and Pipelines
  • Depth Areas
  • Traffic routing systems and separation schemes
  • Depth Contours
  • Wrecks, obstructions, offshore platforms, breakwaters, etc.
  • Indication and details of all aids to navigation
  • Detailed Marina Charts
Product Compatibility
C-MAP Max-N Wide products are compatible with the following products:
  • HDS Gen1 (Min. Software Version:
  • Elite-7 HDI (Min. Software Version:
  • NSS (Min. Software Version: 2.5-42.116-22312)
  • Zeus Touch (Min. Software Version: 1.0-43.111)
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