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BusBar 10x #8-32 Terminal With Cover

BusBar 10x #8-32 Terminal With Cover

Blue Sea Systems 150 Ampere Common BusBar 10 x #8-32 Screw Terminal
  • Stud design provides direct terminal to bus contact for low resistant connection
  • Stainless steel studs and screws allow high torquing for excellent electrical contact
  • Tin-plated copper bus for maximum conductivity and resistance to corrosion
  • UL 94-VO rated (self extinguishing) base material resists high heat
  • Raised bus provides easy access to multiple wires on a single screw
  • UL 94-VO rated base material resists high heat
  • Captive star type lock washers for anti-rotation and eliminate handling of small, easily dropped parts
  • This model Does Come with Plastic Cover.
Continuous Amperage130 Amperes AC 150 Amperes DC
Maximum Voltage Rating
300 Volts AC 48 Volts DC
Bus Material
Tin-Plated Copper CDA 110/UNS11000
Base Material Glass Reinforced Poly-carbonate
Cover material
Studs Stainless Steel, 1/4"-20, torque 72 in-lbs, accepts 1/4" (M6) ring terminal
Stainless Steel, #8-32 screw terminal, torque 18 in-lbs, accepts #8 (M4) ring terminal

$24.00 $21.00