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Airmar TM265C-LH LM Transom Mount CHIRP 1kW

Airmar TM265C-LH LM Transom Mount CHIRP 1kW

Airmar TM265C Transom Mount Transducer - Available in 2 Version Low/High & Low/Mid

Rely on Airmar's new broadband transducers for the ultimate fishing mission! Whether you're a commercial fisherman, charter captain, or tournament angler, there's a new game in town. Traditional marine fishfinders operate at discreet frequencies such as 50 kHz and 200 kHz, use relatively short-duration pulses, and use narrow band sonar transducers. In contrast, CHIRP uses a precise sweep pattern of many frequencies within a long-duration transmit pulse from a broadband transducer, so the equivalent sound energy transmitted into the water is 10 to 1,000 times greater than a conventional marine fishfinder.
Available in 2 Models: TM265-LH and TM265-LM
LH Model - Low Frequency 42-65 kHz
High Frequency 130-210 kHz
LM Model - Low Frequency 42-65 kHz
Medium Frequency 85-135 kH
No Connector - Bare wire for Furuno Units

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