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 The Cost Effective Choice
The B258 is 25 times more sensitive than a single-element
50/200 kHz transducer. This innovative 1 kW transducer
makes 600 W fishfinders perform like their more powerful big
brothers—especially at 50 kHz. How does it do it? The B258
uses Airmar’s new and unique ceramic-element construction.
The resulting narrow beams will clearly distinguish individual
fish and bottom fish from their habitat at depths down to 670 m (2,200’)
Maximize performance by installing the B258 with Airmar’s
custom fit High-Performance Fairing. At speeds over 30 knots
(34 MPH), screen displays show clear images and a clean bottom trace
Connector Description:
Furuno 10 Pin - Fits All Newer Furuno Units with 10 Pin Plug (582, 585, 587, 588, 600L, 627, 628, gp1670f, gp1870f)
Furuno 8 Pin - Older Furuno Units with 8 Pin Plug (FCV-667 Ect.)
Garmin 6 Pin - Depth and Temp, Fits Garmin 6 Pin Units 500w RMS or Higher
Garmin 8 Pin - Depth and Temp, Fits all Garmin 50/200 kHz Units w/8 Pin
Lowrance/Simrad - 7 Pin Connector -
Depth and Temp, Fits all 50/200 kHz Units w/ Blue Connector
Raymarine - No Connector - Fits DSM400
Raymarine Radar Connector - Fits DSM30/250/300, CP300, CP370
Raymarine 6/9 Pin Connector - Depth and Temp - Fits "A" Series, A50D, A57D, A65D, A70D, DSM25, A65, A67, E7D, C97, E97, C127, E127
Si-Tex - 8 Pin Connector - Speed and Depth - Fits CVS126/128, CVS1410, SVS650/750
Hummingbird # 9 Connector - Depth and Temp - Fits all 800, 900 and 1100 Series Except 967 3d
Hummingbird 14 Pin Connector - Depth and Temp - Fits SM2000, 3000 Series
Hummingbird 18 Pin Connector - Depth and Temp - Fits SM1000, 2000, 3000 Series
Black Box - 8 Pin Depth and Temp, Fits FF520/525, CPF180i, CPF190i, CPF300i, CPF390i, Si-Tex ES502

$750.00 $660.00