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ACR 2831 GlobalFix v4 Cat II EPIRB

ACR 2831 GlobalFix v4 Cat II EPIRB

Head Offshore with Confidence with an ACR EPIRB

The ACR 2831 GlobalFIX V4 406 EPIRB Category II with Internal 66 Channel GPS is a manually activated EPIRB that may save your life in the event of a nautical accident.

ACR has created the 2831 Cat II EPIRB with a 66 channel GPS that will acquire satellites quicker from a cold start and send your position to the emergency responders via the 406 MHz distress signal frequency as well as the 121.5 MHz homing beacon signal that will bring rescue personnel directly to your position. ACR has also increased the battery life in the 2831 GlobalFIX V4 406 EPIRB from 5 yrs to 10 yrs and made the battery user replaceable instead of having a certified replacement facility do it. This makes it less expensive and quicker for the mariner to have an EPIRB that is ready when needed. The 2831 Cat 2 EPIRB is manually activated and it can be self tested up to 120 times, there is a self test counter to keep track of the number for you as well.

If you aren’t required to have a Cat I EPIRB with hydrostatic release the 2831 Cat 2 EPIRB is a great option to have in your ditch bag in case of an emergency.

The built-in bright LED strobe light consumes less energy than a traditional strobe without sacraficing intensity and most importantly, the Pro 406 EPIRB will transmit for a minimum of 48 hours at -20C degrees.

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