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98-116SS Gear Sleeve with pin (Stainles Steel)

98-116SS Gear Sleeve with pin (Stainles Steel)

Penn Part # 98-116SS - Upgraded Stainless Steel Gear Sleeve

(comes with pin) (Stainless Steel)

Fits Penn Senator 10/0 116A And 12/0 116L Reels Only

Gear sleeves are made to be an upgrade to the brass gear sleeve in many Penn reel models.

(98-116CC) made to be a replacement for the brass gear sleeve (part no. 98-116) in Models 116 and 116A size 12/0 and 10/0 reels.

  • Manufactured from 416, heat treated stainless steel
  • Manufactured with 9 teeth (Penn only has 8)
  • Recommend if you INTEND to apply more drag than originally intended

$48.95 $45.00