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Koya 9" RootbeerFlash Jetted Bullet

Koya 9" RootbeerFlash Jetted Bullet

Used Koya 9" RootbeerFlash Jetted Bullet

Like a Electric Squid its amazing Insert puts out a

wild multi colored flash of color as the sun hits it

constantly changing it Looks Amazing.

Only 1 Left !

Quad jet design holds its position in the water

and put out a big bubble trail

Heavily Weighted it wont skip across surface at higher speeds

Comes double skirted with 2 new O.L.C. skirts

Available fully rigged with Single Stiff Rigs

or own custom back2back double hooksets

Rigged with 15' of 400lb. Lindgren Pitman Mono Leader

& our custom hooksets use 5 layers of ancor glue filled heat shrink

which can withstand dozens of hookups before needing to be re-rigged

$75.00 $50.00
There is only 1 item left in stock.