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8" Tuna Bullets

8" Tuna Bullets

These Tuna Bullet Lures are 8" Overall and come with 2 - 6" size 20 skirts as shown

The perfect go to lure for tuna & other species, and is perfect when schools of fish are locked on smaller prey and wont bite bigger lures.

Run these off the long riggers and shotgun position, run 3 of these for increased multiple hookups.

and though these were made for the smaller fish, its catch resume is impressive and keeps growing.

We have caught everything from 5lb. to 150lb. tuna on these, Mahi mahi from 8 to 58lb.'s

Too many striped marlin and spearfish to count, and has brought in the occasional blue marlin and Sailfish from time to time.

Everything seems to snack these lures.

i Like to Rig them with 250lb. Leader or 150 Fluoro

and 9/0 Stiff rig hook or Strong double prong stiff rigged hook.

$30.00 $25.00