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6-116 Drag Washer HT-100 (uses 7)

6-116 Drag Washer HT-100 (uses 7)

Penn Part # 6-116 Drag Washer HT-100 (uses 7)

Notes for older reels

If your reel is older and has the [5] old asbestos 1/8" thick drag washers and only [5] metal washers, you will need to order a slightly different setup than on the newer reels that already use the HT100 set.
    Converting to newer HT100 drag stack:
    Qty [8] of the 6-116 HT100 Drag Washers
    Qty [1] of the 7C=116 Metal Washer Set
    And keep [1] of your old original metal washers.
This will balance out the drag stack to fit the older side plate (thickness is slightly different)

If your reel already uses these HT100 washers, this does not apply

Fits: 116A 10/0, 116L 12/0 & 116L-LH

$4.25 $3.85