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55-117 Bearing w/Cap For 2012 & Newer Reels

55-117 Bearing w/Cap For 2012 & Newer Reels

Part number 55-117 Bearing w/Out Cap. Cap Part # 103N-117 is also Needed.

This 55-117 bearing fits the newer 103N-117 bearing cover, from the 117L reels manufactured after 2012.
You can tell if the reel is newer by looking at the bearing cover. The 103N-117 that fits with this bearing is plain, no text.

Older reels have the 26-117 bearing/cup which has text on it.

The same bearing is used on both the left and right sides of the reel.

Fits Penn Senator 117L 14/0, 117L-LH 14/0 Reels

Fits: 2012 and Newer Senator 14/0 117L Reels

Pre-2012 Senators use part # 26-117

$22.00 $16.75