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39A-50S Bridge/Bearing Cover Screw

39A-50S Bridge/Bearing Cover Screw

Penn International Part # 39A-50S Bridge/Bearing Cover Screw

The majority of the international reels listed in the options use 3 screws.

The Model 80 reels use only 2, One is Longer.

VARIATION On the older 50TW Reels - CHECK YOUR Bridge SCREWS!
Most 50TW reels use qty 3 of 39A-80S (1/2" screw)

However, on some older reels you will need
Qty. 1 of 39A-80S and
Qty. 2 of 39-12 (7/8" screw).
This only applies to the 50TW at this time.

30T, 30TW, 50T, 50TW: On 1-30TN and 1-50TN newer plate, key #39A, uses 3

Fits: 12LT, 16S, 20T, 30S, 30SW, 30T, 30TW, 50S, 50SW, 50T, 50TW, 80S, 80ST, 80STW, 80SW

$2.25 $1.50