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2. Green DragonHide Bullet w/Gold Leaf Eyes

2. Green DragonHide Bullet w/Gold Leaf Eyes

Custom Made Bahama Lure/Reel Hooked Lures Bullet with Green DragonHide Inserts With Real Gold Leaf Eyes with Flashing Red Eye Rings.  9" & 12" sizes available,

All Bahama Lures are Keel Weighted and Balanced to run Upright

This Heavy Bullet Design stays down and tracks straight, getting more solid hookups

Green /Silver Colors mimic the Opelu, which everything eats. 

This Lure Attracts Pelagic Fish of all Species. But i use it Primarily for Ono or Wahoo and Tuna, but catches just about everything

Proven on Blue/Black Marlin, Yellowfin, BigEye and other Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Rainbow Runners, & Spearfish

Balanced to run upright at up to 16 knots. i troll these between 8 and 12 knots

Excellent off the Long, short Rigger,

Proven Deadly on the shotgun

trimmed down a bit to make it about 7-8""

Multiple Rigging Options are Available.

Recommend the 10/0 Hook for the 9" Size, single stiff rig, or back 2 back 9/0

and the 11/0 single stiff rig Hook for the 12" Size, or back 2 back 10/0

All Rigged Lures will have 15' of Lindgren Pitman 300 lb. Leader on the 9" and 400lb. for the 12" Lures.

We use Our Proven Sea Demon 3x Strong Stainless Steel Hooks. 4x Strong Hooks Available upon request.

Custom Length and lb. Test Available, just call me with your specific needs. 808-345-5415

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