Marine Electronics & Fishing Supplies Kona Hawaii 808-345-5415 Please Call if you have any Questions
We completely service and repair Big Game Conventional 30, 50, 80 & 130 class Reels
Accurate, Avet, Fin Nor, Penn & Shimano.

We completely break down the reel, every screw is removed, cleaned then soaked for 24 hours
in corrosion block and then greased and re-installed.
All internal parts are lightly coated with Cal's grease where appropriate.
Bearings are dis-assembled, completely cleaned, repacked and oiled and reassembled.
Drag washers Cleaned and greased with Cal's drag grease, or Replaced if needed.

Keep your reels performing at their best and Ensure long life for your expensive reels by having them serviced annually.
Conventional Reels are $75 plus any parts if needed.
1. We Spool Conventional Reels with YOUR mono of ANY size for $30. (130 Reels $50)
2. We tightly wet pack Conventional reels with 45lb.'s of pressure with Your Braided Line for $40. (130 Reels $65)
3. We Spool Your Conventional reels with Izorline Premium ALL MONO of your size choice. (50-$50, 50W-$60, 80-$70, 80W $75 130-$120
4. We Spool your Conventional reels with All Braid (Price depends on weather you use Solid Core or Hollow Core) of your size choice (For 50, 80 and 130 reels, we typically use 200lb. Solid or Hollow Core. ex: 80w solid core $200,
J.B. Hollow Core $349
All Line Size options are available, Just let us know what you want.
call 345-5415 to make appointment.
Turn around time depends on how busy the shop is
typically 3-4 days,
and if any parts need to be ordered 7-10 days.
And of course you can always call for custom setups not listed.